Consignment Terms & Conditions


  1. You must have a valid government-issued photo identification.
    1. This must be presented to our staff in store before we can approve your Consignment. 
  2. Your items must be original and not fake or counterfeit.
    1. Bruce does not consign copies, fakes or replicas. You guarantee authenticity of all items brought for consignment.
  3. Your items must be of good quality and condition.
    1. Bruce will not accept any items that are considered unfit for sale.
  4. You must collect unaccepted or unsold items.
    1. It is your responsibility to collect said items.
    2. Items accepted for consignment will be placed on sale for 16 WEEKS.
    3. Shoe boxes, hangers & garment bags are not kept by Bruce. They will be recycled, donated & or disposed of.
  5. All consignments are left at your own risk.
    1. Bruce is not responsible for customer damage, theft or fire.



    1. Once items are received, they will be condition checked, authenticated and researched to evaluate their current market value.
    2. We will email you a pricelist of all items accepted for consignment within 7 working days.
    3. If you do not accept a price of an item, you must contact us within 48 hours.



    1. Items will be reduced as per this timeline or at our discretion:
      1. 4 WEEKS - 25% OFF
      2. 8 WEEKS - 50% OFF (initial price)
      3. 12 WEEKS - 70% OFF (initial price)
    2. Items not sold or collected after 16 WEEKS will be placed on clearance – Up to 90% OFF
    3. Items not sold or collected after 20 WEEKS will be donated.
    4. You must arrange to collect all unsold items before 20 weeks



    1. Items may not be collected before 4 WEEKS of start date OR if the item has sold or is on layby.
    2. For collections, the consignor must give at least 48 hours’ notice by emailing
    3. Items not accepted for consignment must be collected within 7 working days, after which items will be donated.



    1. On the sale of each item, you will receive 50% of the final sale price (less GST) as payment.
    2. Our payment options are: Bank transfer (EFT), Cheque or Store Credit.
    3. You must provide your bank details to us by email if you would like to receive payment via EFT.
    4. EFT payments are made every second Wednesday
    5. If a payment method preference is not given or selected, Store Credit is default.
    6. Payment is forfeited if not collected, used or paid within 1 year of the sale date.


    Please contact us if you have any questions about these Terms and Conditions.


    Last updated: April 2018